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A Month of Entries —

I have been busy.

So very, very busy – so busy, I haven’t had the time to sit back and write the kind of quality, long-term facing entries I prefer to use this weblog to write. While I understand people using these in the manner of tumblr, with disposable one-offs choffed from the snatched seconds of a busy life, I prefer to write things that people can link to, can get ideas from, can shove into my face like an Italian Ice six months or a year down the line.  So I end up deciding that no entry at all beats a half-assed entry that doesn’t add much to The Conversation, even as I watch many aspects of The Conversation be navel-gazing horseshit.

Well, for the month of December I will be blasting out an entry a day, every day. There’ll be some backdating and some pauses, but that’s what’s going on. I’ve got things I want to talk about, not the least of which are my current projects and ideas, and this is the place for them.

So look the hell out.

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