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Hey there! Haven’t really talked in a while. Been pretty busy.

What with? Oh, speeches, presentations, editing and shooting some movies. You know, the usual?

How’s that thing doing for me? Oh, it’s doing fucking awesome, trust me. Best job I have ever had. Great folks, great stuff.

What have I been up to there? Oh, this and that.

Other than that, not much. Oh, but my buddies have been SUPER busy.

Everyone’s got their nose to the grindstone. You know.

Hey, gotta go. Good talkin’ with you.

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  1. Felix says:

    Thanks! Now I have 15 classic DOS game demos on my HDD and no time to play a single one.

  2. Chris says:

    Nice to see more computer magazines up. I recently got an Amiga and found the scans useful. Keep it up with the Byte scanning, I’m seeking an article out of a 1993 issue. I guess its a matter of time until it gets posted.

    ZD recently posted up the entire PC Magazine archive on Google Books, but none of their other computing publications are there (like Windows Sources or PC/Computing). Too bad Google Book’s reader is kinda crappy.’s online reader is quite a bit better.

  3. iPadCary says:

    What about Pac*Man ….?

    Ya got Pac*Man on that there watchacall yer Archive thing ther, huh?


  4. clompio says:

    n.b: Flightmare is from 1984, not 1980.