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…and here we are. —

It took a lot to get me to move the ASCII weblog. A ton, a mass. You have to be a certain high quality of assmunch to get me to throw half a day into the fire and slowly, painfully move 9 years of website, of individual, unique quirks and odd choices, buried under the sands of time and forgotten lore. You have to be that awful that I find the need to get away, as fast as I can, and then subject myself to untold additional hours fixing up the resulting mess.

Dreamhost is all that.

I don’t have any desire to go into the full details, other than to say I watched my dreamhost accounts get compromised, I watched test directories I set far apart into new users get compromised, and as my site would regularly get taken over for google-bot-oriented spam, I could then see the pain, the misery, the sadness of trying to figure out what I needed to do. Counter this with the fact that when the chips were down on several occasions, Dreamhost kicked me so hard into the curb my forehead still says “protect our rivers” backwards, and it just came down to “oh, I really gotta get out of here”.

Finally, while I was getting some very nice and kind attention from Jeff Atwood on his Codinghorror website, the machine this was hosted on went down, and then it came back a day later, and the load has been 112 or greater on that thing since then. I don’t care about the excuses; the site flat out stopped functioning. It was dead.

Well, they did it – I’m gone. I still have stuff over there, but the march has begun. If I have anything in my defense, it’s that when I started with this 9 years ago, things weren’t so bad. But like all shared hosting, the bloom comes off the rose and the next time you look up, your head is being slammed against the footboard and there’s nothing but slack-jawed dimwithood when you try and make things better.

I’m now hosting with TQhosting, who have been hosting the main site for years now, to perfection. Sorry it took me so long, folks.

Let’s get back to writing, shall we?

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  1. Ali Gündüz says:

    I hope you’ll be switching the WordPress theme to the old green-on-black one.

  2. Emanuel-S says:

    Yes – me too… want the green one! Blue and white – thousands of blogs look like that. We need the old-school-style!!! :'(

  3. k says:

    Yes, this facebook design is terrible.

  4. Well then, let me do the honours and be the first to say: finally! It’s readable!

    I did not exactly hate the old design but I had little love for it. At least as I understood it, the green-on-black was about reminiscence. But: c’mon, unreadable.

    Here the monospace is a nice touch and to me it actually does a better job of reminiscence, along with the faux window chrome decoration, and white-on-dark-green is excellently readable.

    Great choice.

    And good to hear you got out of your abusive relationship. 🙂 Don’t worry, those always take time and effort to extract oneself from.

  5. Ali Gündüz says:

    Just to be clear to Aristotle and anyone else reading this in the future: The blog had a Facebook-like blue-and-white theme at first after the switch. So, those comments were anot about the current theme.

    As for the current, it’s alright, yet i would still prefer the old one. But that’s probably my tendency to not like change.

  6. spiralofhope says:

    Damn, this is making me seriously consider migrating my stuff.