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Wikiwhatever (A Retirement) —

Since oh, January or thereabouts, I’ve had this entry about Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary sitting around. I actually write most of these entries as drafts and let them sit, then come back and touch them up and do what you do with actual writing. The entry sat there for a whole year, and I just deleted it, as I’d realized something.

I’m kind of done being The Wikipedia Critic. I still find issues, and the landscape is rich with targets and self-important process lawyers and all the sketchy shit Jimbo Wales and other members have done over the years, but I am just kind of done being That Guy. The one who spends time after time proving a negative, showing the problems,  then indicating why the problems are problems, and then doing it forever until I’m in the ground.

You know, for the past week, I’ve been adding a mirror of onto the Internet Archive – I’m more than halfway done, and the collection will be here. When I’m done, over 971 days (real, 24-hours apiece days) of music will be on the Internet Archive servers. I’m also adding out of print comic books, more computer magazines, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

In all these cases, I didn’t add things to then watch people change the content, the meaning, and blow down a bunch of legibility rules or linking policies to essentially destroy them. They’re items. They were made. They got scanned or recorded. Here they are. A much better week, in other words, than constructing cogent arguments about process. A much better week.

These days I’m the Archive Team Guy. I’m the Archiving/Preservation Guy. My speeches are still fiery, my rage is still in effect, and my boundless need to make things better and more accessible still burns bright. It’s just getting things done now. I like being this guy. I think I’m going to stay being him.

See you in the archives.

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  1. Jason Scott says:

    A small addition: At this year’s ROFLcon Summit, an event held in Portland, OR, I had the opportunity to spend an essentially unbroken hour of conversation with Ward Cunningham, the original designer of what we call the Wiki. What a brilliant, kind-hearted, intelligent and forward-thinking man. He’s working on something called the Federated Wiki which is completely in the same ballpark of what I was ranting about with Distriwiki. It was an awesome time and I’m the better for it.

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  3. Laroquod says:

    Hey, I like that Archive Team guy, yeah be him. Be him lots.

  4. nimbus says:

    Who even cares about that wiki. You are doing important things. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks for your Jamendo archiving project, great present to the world! A large chunk of my listening of the last several years is via bands that have posted to Jamendo. Very happy to see that all (excepting albums deleted from Jamendo before you started) backed up in an organized fashion.

    Any chance you could populate the licenseurl element of each item’s _meta.xml so that the license appears on the collection page without having to look at the licenses.txt file linked in the item description?

    Thanks again, merry etc!

  6. jas says:

    please put up those boardwatch magazines you have.