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The Flood Never Ended (And a Pledge Drive) —

Still lovin’ the job at the Internet Archive.  I’m starting to forget I ever worked anywhere else and all those times I wasn’t enjoying myself.

(I actually enjoyed myself a lot at the various jobs I used to have, but it was rarely because of the job itself.)

I last posted that I’d added some materials to the archive back in September.  That list of periodicals and other materials is way out of date, kids. Let’s do a quick update.

So there’s another thousand magazine issues for you to paw through.

“What, is that it?” you say. Archivist, Please

How about some french-language computer magazines? I got a huge ingestion of those a while back, and I’ve been steadily adding them the last couple of months. They include:

There’s plenty more to add (over 100 different runs) but that’s ongoing.  Spanish and German collections are arriving as well.

But who the hell wants to read, you say. What you want is some sort of software.

Yeah, on that as well.  In the Shareware CD Archive I’ve been curating,  I took the thing from an embarassing 35 CD-ROMs to the current count of roughly 761 CD-ROMs, including a massive collection of FREEBSD installationCD-ROMs courtesy of a donor from the Noisebridge hackerspace. They were going to be turned into wall art, and someone on their list said “Maybe swing those by Jason, first?” so here we are with a pretty much complete set of CD-ROMs from FreeBSD version 2.0 up through 5.4 – a motherlode of unix and programming history.

With this latest batch, it is my firm belief that is now the largest collection of historical shareware on the internet. I would love to be proven wrong, just so I can make things right the only way I know how, by absorbing even more into the archives.

The full GET LAMP Interviews are still coming in, although they tend to hose the machine that’s doing the rendering, due to the High-Def and the noise reduction and all the rest. But they are getting done! Interviews were added for David Shaw,  Lucian Smith, and the one and only Don Woods.  Additionally, all the footage I shot in the cave that Adventure is based on is now online in a big pile, and the High-Def version of the MC Frontalot video I shot snuck on one evening.

Other dumps include the 2010 @Party Demoparty Footage, the ROFLcon Summit presentations including this one with me and Brewster Kahle of Internet Archive, and terabytes and terabytes of Yahoo! Video.

Wow, STILL not satisfied? Fine, I whip out the best for last.

The DNA Lounge in San Francisco makes webcasts available of performances going on at the club. All the performances. All the time. Since they re-opened in 2002.  Well, people who care have been saving those webcasts. They sent the webcasts to me, on a hard drive.

So here you go: Over 2,000 performances of acts at the DNA Lounge over the last 10 years. This is over 10,000 hours of music, spoken-word, DJs, breakdowns, triumphs and musical madness. Ten thousand hours.

While you’re eagerly browsing the acts and checking out the years,  let me now make an appeal to you.

The Internet Archive is amazing. Besides the massive amount of data I just dumped there, there’s many other groups adding untold quantities of books, sounds, video and whatnot. Top among that is the Internet Archive itself, which I calculated out as adding a new digitized book every 90 seconds to the site. Seriously. They’re adding that many, that fast. To do this, they have a very small staff, and the costs of the archive, while a massive bargain for what it does, still means that they have to always be on the lookout for new donations, new underwriters, all that stuff that comes along with providing this service, a service that includes the unique and amazing Wayback Machine.

So this year, the Archive is trying a pledge drive. Here’s the pledge drive page.  Donations to the archive are potentially tax deductible depending on where you live.

I just threw over 25 terabytes of material at you. Try throwing 25 bucks back.

And thanks.

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  1. Ushen Matoko says:

    Mr Scott.

    Please scan the bbs magazines such as boardwatch, bbs, or sysop. This is very much needed thank you sir!

  2. Rubes says:

    Donated. Thanks for the push.

  3. The Doctor says:

    If we wanted to donate magazines (say, a decade’s worth of Commodore or Atari mags) to the Archive, how would we go about doing so?

  4. Hub says:

    Unfortunately it seems that most of the French archive are unavailable now 🙁

  5. Fil says:

    Hi Jason, what happened to the French magazines? They’ve gone missing, for instance there are only 13 issues left of Hebdogiciel

    I saw this one which is now missing (and has been missing for a few months now).


  6. Fil says:

    (and I’d like to be notified of follow-up comments by email)