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The Next Documentary —

The Next Documentary is actually three documentaries, and one of those documentaries is six documentaries.

Now, you would think with my job at the Internet Archive and all my other projects and endeavors, I wouldn’t be into making another documentary. You especially would not expect me to be making three at the same time. Well, here we are, with me opening a Kickstarter campaign asking for pledges towards the budget of this triple threat project. So let me explain out a few things on that Kickstarter page – or you can just click on the widget above and watch my pitch film, which might rank as one of the stranger ones in Kickstarter’s scant history.

Over the next few weeks I am guaranteed to write more about these subjects, these projects and related aspects of mounting these productions. But for now, I’ll just leave this link here and ask you to check it out. Thanks.

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  1. Drew Wallner says:

    Okay, so basically I should plan to squirrel aside $250 somehow over the course of the next 56 days or less. Got it. ^_^

  2. Ant says:

    Wow, I can’t wait. =)

  3. swagstaff says:

    Crossover interview tip: the guy who describes himself at wrote a BBS in 6502 assembly. He was quite passionate about both the platform and his BBS.