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To There and Back Again – And More Stuff! —

I’ve been a little busy, doing a little travelling for the summer.

When I get back home this weekend, I’ll be kicking things into full gear with my work with Archive Team,, GDC, and other projects. But let me mention a few things worth going into that I did while globetrotting.

The Arcade Manuals Archive has been getting the love from the growing Metadata Warriors (and there’s always room for more warriors, by the way). If you track the RSS feed for the collection, you can see it grow. Since I find arcade manuals massively fascinating, it’s like a fountain of awesomeness for me. If it’s not quite as fascinating for you, you can still look it over and see how things are going. And if that’s too much work, hey, Nintendo Light Gun maintenance manual. Who can argue with a light gun manual?

Enough GET LAMP interviews have been rendered, uploaded, and described that it was finally time to announce the GET LAMP Interviews Archives are now a “thing” on Ten are up as of this writing and I’ve got a machine rendering high-definition, video-noise-reduced clip sets for you to watch at your leisure, assuming you want more thoughts from the people I had in the movies. Perhaps Jim Aspnes, the creator of TinyMUD,  jumps out at you, but there’s also Lance Micklus, who was a software author and who ran a company during the opening age of the home computer industry. And more! What a great deal!

And the Bitsavers collection is heading up the rear, although I expect it’ll get up some steam anytime soon.  Until it gets more, though, it’ll have to do with such items as the 2nd West Coast Computer Faire Proceedings, or the instructions for the Ohio Scientific 8K BASIC-in-ROM. And occasionally thumbing through the Commodore Component catalog.

So, more to come, after I land back in the US of A in a couple days. I’m refreshed, energized and ready to go.

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  1. Dave Ross says:

    Hey Jason, I’ve started archiving Commodore user group newsletters & adverts at But of course it’s off to a slow start as a one-man part-part-part-time operation. Is this something you and/or the Internet Archive would be interested in taking on?

  2. swagstaff says:

    Nice turn of a phrase: “heading up the rear.” It works and doesn’t work on so many levels!

  3. Andrew Krespanis says:

    Hey, you’re here in Melbourne?! Hope you’re enjoying yourself. Sorry about our crap weather.