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The BBS Documentary Reborn —

Late last year I realized a very awesome problem.

It turned out that the BBS Documentary, my little flick from 2005, was in real danger of running out of copies. Way back when, I ended up having to decide how many copies were going to be printed up, I chose the number of 4,500, figuring I’d shoot for the moon. Sales were brisk at first and then naturally slowed down, but then they stayed steady.

With the introduction of GET LAMP, I created something called the “Jason Scott Filmography Doublepack“, where you could order both BBS and GET LAMP as a dual-pack. This drove sales back up to some good levels, but it also meant the remaining stock was running on fumes, and just before the end of 2010, I had completely sold out of copies. (There’s a single box of 20 I have kept in reserve, for collecting and other such reasons.)

So then the problem became paying for another run of copies – my money has become very tight and I can’t drop cash like I used to.

Luckily, an anonymous fan has paid for the production run (and gets back their investment, plus interest, soon) and a whole new set of 1000 copies were printed up for me.

BBS Documentary Pile BBS Documentary Pile Example BBS Doc Forklifting BBS Docs

Obviously, it’s good to have a forklift handy.

The main difference between the old and new copies of BBS Documentary is the disc art, which is very slightly different, says the same things, but allows one to know if the documentary in question is part of the initial run or a later one. This matters to some people. Some.

I’d like to thank the anonymous lender, the people at Bullseye Disc for doing another great production run of this needlessly complicated packaging, and you, all the thousands who have bought copies of this thing over the past few years.

Now buy more! We got plenty!

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  1. kevin says:

    eagerly anticipating the DVD that includes special commentary in which your brother talks about the heavy equipment required to move all this stuff.