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Information Cube Packing —

So how’s that information cube coming, anyway?

infocube 001

Well, structurally, that cube’s doing pretty darn well. It’s been solid, watertight, continually huge, and quietly has done its job since I got it in early 2010. It has also been packed up pretty hard, and some items had drifted or gone into the house, where they were making the house look pretty much un-stylish.

So I spent a few hours in there, and made some space:

infocube 007

The scale of that is very difficult to discern.  Here’s a photo standing in front of those yellow/black boxes and aimed back out the door:

infocube 005

This was previously completely full. I made some proper adjustments, modified a few stacks, and found all this space. Unfortunately, I’m in the process of completely filling it up again. But the good news is that the house will look nothing like these photos.

I just moved the remainder of the GET LAMP boxes in. They came in on two pallets in August, but look how many are basically left:

infocube 009

That’s still about a thousand, but don’t panic. Unless panic makes you impulsively buy dozens of copies, at which point, panic. But I suspect this will hold me into some point this year, maybe as early as April, but probably as late as September. Let’s see what life ends up throwing in terms of purchases.

With the packing up comes the closing for most purposes of the cube for the winter. It’s too cold to get things done, and I need to sort this thing, and I’m not going to do that in the snow. But I do have a plan.

Right now, that box is a mish-mash of personal items, computer history items, and items that I kept because I was just trying to transport a lot of materials in a very short period of time and nobody was going to happily sit around while I play SortBoy for hours on end. So the cube is not just inefficient right now, it’s hard to navigate and probably contains stuff that doesn’t even need to exist anymore. That’ll change when it starts to get warm again.

At that point, I will arrange a day, scoop up volunteers (the cube is in Dutchess County, NY) and we will be doing a very comprehensive re-jiggering, with the whole laid-out-tarps + installation-of-shelves + reboxing process, which one can hope will take less than a day, especially with enough hands.

For now, though, it’s just a heck of a lot of stuff. But it’s safe and dry and can wait a few months. I can live with that.

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  1. Val / metoikos says:

    If this sort day is on a weekend, I’m game. Keep me posted ( :