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Scottathon II —

I’m going to wrap up the fundraiser during the day tomorrow, at 2pm EST, on Called “Scottacon II: The Thankening”, it’ll be two hours of fun in a to-be-announced filming location. You’ll be able to see it at this location.

I’ll be elaborating on what this all means during tomorrow’s event, and of course in this weblog.

It’s been an amazing month and it deserves a proper entry, which will be coming shortly. Until then, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Chris Barts says:

    It must feel good to know you can get ~$30,000 just by placing your hat on the streetcorner and refraining from punching anyone in the face.

  2. VII says:

    I joined the stream just as the ingredients were being read off the label. What are the odds?

  3. […] the day we were visiting MakerBot Industries, our friend Jason Scott was there doing Scottacon II: The Thankening, a follow-up to his fundraising activities for his […]