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Scottathon! —

As the fundraiser continues, things have been going spectacularly well – I’m very nearly at the halfway mark.

Things have slowed down, of course, since the word is out and people who would send cash towards such an endeavor have done so, and there we go. So naturally the concern is halfway is where we’re going to stay.

I’ve put in some good rewards, and I’ve made my case, and my first (rough) weekly update went out, and so I had a good foundation there. But I do feel I need to go further with it. I sat and thought about it, and so I’ve come up with running a telethon.


I’ll be talking about computer history, showing off some artifacts, answering questions, and generally making a fool of myself for six hours, in a way of showing what I bring to the table. I’ll be using Ustream to do the telethon, just because that platform is pretty easy to use for this sort of thing. I suspect it’ll be recorded, as well.

I’m all for suggestions of what this might include, and ways to get the word out.

We’re in weird territory, but the whole thing is weird. My position is that if I’m going to do something like a Fundraiser, I might as well do as much as I can to support that idea.

So there we go! Further details as they come.

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  1. Rubes says:

    Eastern time, correct?

  2. aj michel says:

    Will there be special appearances by Pennycat, Sockington, and Sockelganger?

  3. Recording sounds good, as this is midnight to 6 am in my location 🙂 But I will spread the word on twitter and my podcast! 🙂

  4. Heeeyyyyyy, be sure to let us know how to listen, as I couldn’t find an URL and I’m not sure how it’d all work with Skype. And if there is anything I can do to help, lemme know.

  5. robohara says:

    Also will you be able to see us as well? Cuz I’mma be naked.

  6. Good point. If I gotta get pants for this, well, I can tell you what the next project hosted on Kickstarter is gonna be.

  7. robohara says:

    Did I miss it?

  8. Gene Buckle says:

    Nah, he had a problem with ..*flips through excuse book*..”tachyon emissions overloading the system”.

    I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.

  9. Eric says:

    Man, I hate those Tachyon emissions 🙁

  10. Good point.I can tell you what the next project hosted on Kickstarter is gonna be.