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Final Notice from Geocities —

Oh, you all better be making plans, kids. The last of the alerts has gone out.


Boy, imagine if this was your only direct alert to this.

Imagine if they didn’t have your current e-mail, since they wouldn’t have told you of this.

Imagine you died, and your family didn’t know your password.

Imagine you didn’t know your password offhand.

Imagine anyone else told you data was “not recoverable”, as if all the backups, system mirroring, and content spontaneously burned on the same random October date.

Someone’s trying to help you, of course, but nobody’s a superhero.

Let’s see if we can’t make this all happen a different way, next time we start a web.

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  1. Isaac Lin says:

    Gotta love those instructions to “quickly download your published files” — visit each page one by one in your browser and save them! Hardly sounds quick to me…

  2. jas says:

    seriously… they couldnt just give people a tarball?

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