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Archive Team, Round It Up! The Geocities Showdown —


Well now, hasn’t it been a while!

It’s now just about October. The powers that be at Yahoo have decreed that October 26th is the last day of Geocities. Let’s assume that it’s really the 20th, or the 15th, because you know how these things go.  Have I and others been backing it up as fast as we can? Why yes indeed, we have. We haven’t gotten every last thing, but we wouldn’t be ashamed with what we have gotten so far, either.

But like any marathon, you gotta keep going.  Hence, it’s time for the final round-up of this mess.

Stop on by the #archiveteam channel on EFnet or e-mail me. We’re looking for:

  • People willing to do a little searching and generating of URLs (we have scripts)
  • People with about 1tb of disk space they don’t mind blowing over to a cause
  • People willing to edit the archive team wiki with all sorts of stuff

See you all there, one way or another. It’s been fun backing up Geocities!

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  1. nimbus says:

    I’ll be interested to see your stats on Geocities once you’ve aquired all or most of it. Especially your judgement of how much of it actually has any “value” (whatever that is)!

  2. Raltar Creed says:

    Hearing that Geocities was shutting down made me really nostalgic for the good old days of the internet. Its like an official announcement that “Web 1.0” is finally being taken offline and we are all expected to “upgrade” to the new version.

    Don’t get me wrong, Geocities was crap and most of the sites on it were terrible. But that was why I loved it. I still remember when Geocities finally figured out I was using their services to post websites with profanity (*gasp!*) and chat logs of me harassing innocent AOL users. They banned me and I had to learn how to create a real website. Necessity is the mother of invention. Good times.

  3. I am in desperate need of preserving my geocities site at it was created in 2001, so I believe from your first post that it would not be included in the archive. I was wondering what I can do to get it preserved.