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SXSW 2010 Panel Proposals —

I’ll take a moment out of the keeping-me-from-updating-this-weblog project matrix to let you know that I have proposed two talks for the SXSW 2010 Conference. One of them is about geek documentaries, and the other is the production of GET LAMP. My intention is to have GET LAMP done this year, and therefore at SXSW in some fashion, you see. It’s nice to have hard deadlines.

Anyway, it turns out that the way they do panel selection at SXSW is kind of complicated. They’ve tried to make it easy, but it’s kind of still complicated, just streamlined complicated.

What you do is go to the Panel Picker, an interactive whosis that lets you register, and then vote various panel proposals up and down. You can read the short descriptions, and each panel selection page has a comments section that will allow the proposer, possible members, and the general crowd discuss aspects of this possible, future panel.

I’ve never been to a SXSW festival before and I’ve certainly never paid attention to how panels are picked, but it appears to be somewhat electoral in nature, with “the people” weighing forth but this popular vote (as explained on the SXSW pages) counting towards only 30% of the ultimate influence in vote. I don’t even know how that all works. But it’s obvious that having a panel nobody wants or which doesn’t get a lively amount of discussion is probably doomed. They also encourage campaigning. So, I figure I’d give you the links here.

Here’s the link to my proposed panel about geek documentaries, Tales From the Basement.  My hope is to have the directors of Blogumentary, Nerdcore Rising, The Future of Pinball, and myself on this panel.

And here’s the link to my proposed panel about my documentary on text adventures, Get Lamp: Adventures in Text. My hope is to have several Infocom people and other people from my documentary on the panel.

That’s all. Now, back to scanning.

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  1. Mirka23 says:

    I entered my votes of thumbs up on both.

  2. Todd Leetham says:

    I always thought that SXSW was exclusively about music, but I guess it’s grown beyond that. Cheers to the effort.