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In Which You Make Good With the Cash —

Well, holy moly, people. I put out a call to help with the bandwidth bill to keep going while I do some life transitionary work, and didn’t you all come in droves. Donations ranged wildly, from a few bucks (thanks) to hundreds of bucks (thanks). And because of that, I am paid up for the next year.

I will not be melodramatic and say that you ‘saved’ the site – it just would have been a round of pain to pay off this quarter, and I’ve experienced pain with regards to this site before. But you all took away that pain, and showed me how much the site means to you in various ways. And a lot of people just got copies of the BBS Documentary they said they were thinking of getting anyway, so I’m glad that worked out too.

Feel free to keep sending in donations, of course – I’ll just keep using it on the site and to improve things and so on. But the issues are past and I won’t have to think about the financial side of this site until well inside 2010. Thanks again, so much.

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  1. aj rez says:

    fkn awesome, people!

  2. elorg says:

    Holy moly indeed!

  3. lordscarlet says:

    I’m glad the masses that appreciate your effort were able to help!

  4. Michael Kohne says:

    Jeeze, all that while I was on vacation (Disney Cruise ships are nice, but bandwidth is too expensive on board).