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ConfCon 2009 —


I will be the opening commencement speaker at ConfCon ’09, which is being held in a little more than a week, on Saturday the 25th. You have very little excuse not to attend.

Why? Because ConfCon, a conference dedicated to the subject of Phone Phreaking, will be held on a telephone conference for five straight hours, from 5-10 PM CDT (3-8 PDT, 4-9 MDT, 6-11 EDT). That’s right, all you have to do is pick up the goddamned telephone and you’ll be able to attend.

Just check out the website for details, and I hope to hear you there.

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  1. phoenix says:

    oh man, i miss the #trax confs, nothing like hearing the goofy voices of all your IRC buds and listening to their new tunes over the phone. 🙂

  2. Will the conference have VoIP access for us foreigners who still have to pay something real to call a US phone number? With telephreak involved I sort of expect some way of access via VoIP but no details on the telephreak site at the moment.