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Results of Commo-Doc Bundle Experiment —

Last November, I decided to buy a stack of Rob O’Hara’s Commodork book, which I had reviewed positively a couple years earlier. I bought 50 copies, had Rob autograph each, and have maintained the stack here since, including it as part of a bundle on the BBS Documentary order page.

So here we are, five months later, and I’ve sold 34 of those suckers, at prices ranging from $10 to $15 depending on how people decide they want to get them (as part of a bundle or alone). So, roughly 7 a month.

I consider the experiment a success.  In case you’re looking for Super-Transparency-A-Go-Go, I’ve sold about 100 copies of the BBS Documentary in the same time, not counting Amazon sales.

If these numbers sound small, maybe they are, but sales are not full-time, the products are a few years old, and it’s trivial work to send stuff out. I can’t complain.

Oh, a little hard learned lesson: I have tried to make it so that international and domestic shipping is the same, for convenience. That will end soon – sending the books internationally actually costs me money! ($8-$12 to send a $10 book?) Of course, these sales drive a profitable sale of a BBS Documentary, so I don’t actually lose money, but still. Something that will be changing soon.

And I still think the book is great.

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