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A Warning of Upheaval —

Well, it only took me about a week of using my other weblog under WordPress’ environment to wonder what the hell I’m doing still under movable type. I mean, seriously. So yeah, expect this weblog to end up under that environment, be better handled, faster, have more flexibility, and all that.

The only big deal is making it so all the old postings, images and the rest link properly within the new software and for people coming in. To make that happen will require at least some preparation, some process in flipping it over, and then a lot of testing. I hope it will go relatively smoothly.

Just a warning about this impending craziness. I considered doing this some time ago, but now it’s quite obvious it’s the way to go.

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  1. Jeff says:

    WP does have the means to import from various other blog types. Not sure how much that helps.

    I’ve been very happy with WP.