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Most people who visit me for the first time walk into my office where I do most of my work for the websites and projects and they stop dead because they are confronted with The Wall.

The Wall is this collection of racks that take up a full side of my office. Where most people might have a couple shelves and a desk and some on-tap books and materials, I have this gigantic goddamn tsunami of papers, equipment and media going up and down the horribly-expanded enclosed deck that I took over when I moved into the house. Here’s some shots of it most recently:

As important as the editing for GET LAMP is doing the final roundup of images, books, papers, boxes and other material related to text adventures, all preparing for what’s called a second-unit shot set coming in a couple weeks. This will be where I back up statements or references by people with images of what they’re talking about. A person will reference the book and you’ll see the book. A map will be mentioned and you’ll see a map. That’s the easy way to put it.

A bunch of stuff streams into my house, stuff which sometimes asks for attention but doesn’t get it, instead ending up on a to-do pile and then the to-do piles get combined into should-really-do pile and then a bunch of should-really-do piles end up in some sort of mega-meta-super-plus-4000 mecha-pile that makes my room look like I died in it somewhere. So part of this effort was to get a handle on it.

Some papers are just obviously mementos or older artifacts; those are bagged into little plastic pouches and prepared for archiving. (In the future I will then take out all archived items of a certain nature and do something with them; or someone beyond me will.) Others are in need of scanning or being handled in some transcriptive manner. Others are just in the room because I like having them around. It ranges.

There are still pockets of stuff in this room that will get yet another sorting, and I am sure I will discover many things of the “huh” variety – as you might surmise from the photos, I have an energy drink can collection which needs a more formal presentation environment and I have a few plastic bins of papers which should be sorted through and given the bag treatment. But I will get it all, I promise, and maybe a few people waiting months for me to get back to them will suddenly find themselves with e-mail or webpages. We can only hope.

The Wall looks more imposing than it is; it just makes sense to have this X-Y outlook on my stuff and as time goes by it’s helped me keep track of a lot more than I’d have done otherwise.

And because every home tour needs a sudden celebrity walkthrough, here’s Socks, the most popular cat on twitter. Hey there, little guy.

Socks just broke 3,500 followers on twitter, which is pretty crazy in itself, but I think the topper is that he is now being followed on twitter by his own vet. That cat’s going to need his own wing in the house to keep track of all his groupies and hangers-on. I hope he remembers me when he’s riding around in his cat limo sipping catnip and juice.

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  1. ross says:

    did you receive the stuff i sent?

  2. Joshua Miller says:

    Thanks Jason, I needed this today. If I took pictures of my “Wall”, you’d throw up.