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If you live in the Boston area and have this burning desire to hang out with me, I’m at a meet-and-greet what’s-up-dilly-o event on the weekend: Infomation Superhighway Two.

Saturday November 29, 2008  at 8:00pm
Berkman Squared
50 Church Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
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Harvard Free Culture, ROFLCon, and Public Radio Exchange Proudly Present...

A Gathering Of Boston Tech
November 29th, 2008, 8:00 PM - 12:00
Berkman Squared, 50 Church Street, Cambridge MA

Boston is full of cool Internet people. Why aren't they meeting each other?

INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY is Boston's monthly party gathering hackers,
activists, artists, designers,  nonprofits, startups, academics and general
geekery to hang out and connect with one another.

No agenda, no "networking," no presentations. Just beverages, food,
ideas and cool people.

Best of all the price is free, just like your courtesy black helicopter flight
to A Secure Undisclosed Location  This time: come out and meet Boston's
Secret Masters of Hidden Hackspace,  Homebrew Mad Science, and Cyber
Revolution Also: hear about our scheme to rent a decommissioned missile silo.
And how you can too, on less than $10 bucks a month. (No, seriously).

With Featured Guests and Organizations:

*Jason Bobe, DIYBio
*Meredith Garniss and Andrew Sempere, Willoughby and Baltic
*Alex Hornstein, NUBLabs, FabLab
*David Weinberger, Joho the Blog, The Berkman Center For Internet and Society
*Jake Shapiro, Public Radio Exchange
*Jason Scott, TextFiles
*Matt Lee, The Free Software Foundation

Also Sponsored By Information Superhighway Alumni:
Beth Coleman and Kevin Driscoll (CMS), Mel Chua (OLPC),
Steve Garfield (Founder, Boston Media Makers), Nate Aune,
Brian Del Vecchio and Jon Pierce (Betahouse), Brett Stilwell
(Pecha Kucha Boston)

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