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TinyTIM Returns —

TinyTIM, the MUSH I co-founded over 18 years ago, has returned.

In July, the machine that runs in my basement died. Died in one of those spectacular ways, that can be summarized as “I was running for 10 years and then I suddenly wasn’t.” It was accompanied by the most delicious of sounds, that of a SCSI hard drive blowing a basket and screaming until what time the machine was shut off. Luckily, the data on it was backed up so redundantly, nothing was really lost.

Unfortunately, I’m different than the free-time-soaked sprite of my youth and it was months before I could procure a new machine, get the system installed on it, bring over the software and have my wonderful co-hort Rich port the TinyTIM code to this decade-later operating system. (It was running on SuSE 2.0 previously, if you have an eye for such terms.) Once we began the active part of the project, it wasn’t too hard to get things going. And after a few days of testing, the site is back.

This includes the website, so feel free to go to and browse the current incarnation of the website if you have no idea of this aspect/part of my life, which I promise you ate my 20s as effectively and completely as an old-school intravenous drug addiction. Do I regret this? Very little.

Somewhere in my future is a good run-down of the history of this project, but until then, we can instead focus on the fact that it has returned from the dead. foof.

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