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Computer Camp Love —

A buddy of mine, Quag7, mentioned the existence of this rather interesting retro-themed music video by a band named “Datarock”: “Computer Camp Love”. As it turns out this song and its video are online at, a site that does what MTV most certainly does not do, which is dependably play music videos. Here’s the video, which can be embedded.

The song came out in 2005 and wasn’t a huge hit in the US, so I maybe I could get a free pass for missing it the first time around.

I went to computer camp myself, so maybe I’m being too nice to it, but I do like this little piece of cotton candy.

The time being referenced is somewhere in the area of 1982-1984 (the models of the machines are all in that timeframe). The song mentions the events happening in 1984, so good job there. I can’t really speak to the “plot” such as it is, and what they’re trying to say with the whole thing. The machines are missing cables and I’ve never seen that brand of disk drive before, but on the whole there seems to be a pretty interesting approach to the era. Someone definitely did a good job of assembling old machines and working within a music video budget to at least give a retro vibe, as the reviewers like to say. I liked the addition of the ticked-off girl with black hair being ignored for the girl who could yank out a card from a PC.

I will defer to the audience for all the references, but either way, enjoy the mining of my favorite personal time era for a dance track.

Update: I am sorry; I just found out MTVmusic is doing region restriction. This is the last time I’ll link to them. To see the video, go here.

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  1. Manny says:

    Unfortunately MTVmusic only works if you’re inside the USA. Here’s a Youtube link for the rest of us.

  2. Flack says:

    In another thread I found the following information: the mysterious disk drive is an Atari drive, rebranded “Hannibal 65” for copyright reasons. In the same scene, the “3M” disk has been rebranded “4N”.

  3. James says:

    Well, I’m in Australia, and MTVmusic works fine for me, both embedded and on their site.