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Wallflowers Video Now Available —

The video I shot for MC Frontalot, “Wallflowers”, became available.

Here’s the official YouTube version ( I suggest clicking this link to see it):

And here’s a Hi-Def Vimeo Version:

MC Frontalot: “Wallflowers” from Jason Scott on Vimeo

I already said a bit about the production of this video.

Frontalot is running a contest to show me up. Do it, I dare you, I double dog dare you. Discussions on the entries (and my own) are happening over on this thread.

And, of course, all this is in support of the Final Boss album which Frontalot is offering for sale and which is released on November 4th. That said, when you buy it, you get immediate access to digital downloads of the music tracks. Pretty neat. And trust me, it’s a good album. If you like Frontalot, you’ll love this album, which is a progression of instrumental and writing quality for him. I personally recommend it; I may need to buy another because I’m wearing the first out in my car.

Oh, and I successfully resisted calling this entry full frontal, so I guess I still have some self control in these matters.

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