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I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful this site is. Yes, it’s in French. Yes it’s a vaguely weird URL to refer to, lacking the panache of a or other clever domain-based knick-knack.

But what work! What amazing effort! What an astounding collection of Apple II lore, stories, screens, descriptions, documentation, textfiles! Ce Magnifique!, Deckard has assembled such a comprehensive collection of French cracking artifacts that I am at a loss on even how to comment on it! So large is its realm that it leaks into rather amazing collections of US-based groups as well, all presented in a faux- vintage style.

As I recently quipped, I bemoan the single-link weblog entry, but to write more would in some way attempt to defect credit from Deckard’s years of work. Enjoy this site to my highest recommendation.

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  1. c nimbus says:

    Hooray! I’m helping!

    I found this one while googling to find out what an Apple “Wildcard” was.