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I will be in Vienna, Austria from the 11th of September through to around the 20th at an event called Paraflows, put on by a group by Monochrom. If you live vaguely close to Vienna, now’s your hot chance to meet me. (I’m looking at you, Philipp Lenssen!) This will only be my second trip to Europe, and only my third leaving the North American continent, so I guess that’s a rare thing.

I’m presenting a talk on computer history, and guesting on a nearly indescribable show called TAUGSHOW.

This was not an awesome time to go away to Europe for a week – my day job just switched gears and I still have a movie to finish – but life is not set up for you to move through it concurrently and at your own pace, and you take opportunities where they show up, smiling, wearing a funny hat and inviting you thousands of miles away. See you (anyone?) there.

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  1. cassiel says:

    I’d like to meet you, but unfortunately Vienna is 500 miles away from here. 🙁
    But the crucial question is: would you like to meet me? 😉