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Meet busy Jason. Busy Jason is getting a lot done but it’s not reflected in weblog entries. I have shot through 5 interviews in one week (unheard of for this production) and cut them up into usable pieces. I have begun assembling props and materials for second-unit shooting. I have also uploaded another 15 or 20 CDs to the site, fixed so it works properly again, and whittled my inbox down to 8 letters (for now).


I wanted to in fact give you some really interesting news.

A while ago, I added my cat, Socks, to twitter. Ha ha. I mentioned this as an aside during my lecture on history I gave at ROFLcon. This was taken up as an interesting thing by a few people. And it snowballed.

Well, let me now announce that Socks now has over 1,100 followers on twitter.

That is not right. Socks however, seems unshocked about it all. In fact, he looks like he wants a treat for some reason.

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  1. tyger says:

    Congratulations Socks!

  2. Peter says:

    So, how popular is your cat’s Twitter compared to your blog?

  3. tyger says:

    His cat posts more.

  4. Flack says:

    My computer-illiterate co-worker blushed when I told him about twitter. Apparently, “twitter” is the word their family’s young daughter uses for her, uh, privates. When I asked him if he ever looked at Twitter on the web you can imagine the look I got. Today at work I’m going to tell him about your cat’s Twitter and see what he says.

  5. corq says:


    Socks Rocks!

    Though interestingly… the tile image on Socks twitter page…well you know what they say about pets looking like their “People”? Yeh, that!