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I am speaking at DEFCON this year. It’ll be about text adventures, my documentary, and hopefully some example footage from the new film. That’s in August. No idea what day within that, and more than once the day/time’s been changed in the program, then changed once more. So not much details other than it’ll be in Las Vegas. See you there.

I’ve decided not to propose a talk to HOPE, even if it’s the last one, as they claim. I can’t think of anything good for that crowd (Saving Digital History from 4 years ago was probably one of the best speeches I gave, and that was at HOPE) and I waited too long to submit. So consider me a civilian, although I’m supposedly one of the interviewees or DJs for the radio station they’re running there. I’ll see you around.

I spoke at Penguicon, Notacon, and ROFLcon this year, so I can’t complain about public exposure. My “Before the LOL” talk has now been downloaded 4,500 times from its page, so it’s been a pretty good year for me.

I’ve got some late-year possibilities brewing as well.

Money’s at an all-time low while I gear up for the post-production of my film, so my ability to just jaunt around is going to be restricted. I won’t shut up in this weblog, though!

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  1. fruitbat says:

    Weren’t you also at Shmoocon?
    (The videos for which have been released by the way)

  2. Chris says:

    Wait, why is this the “last” HOPE conference? They’re tearing down the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC? Uhm, OK, can’t they just hold the next HOPE in a different place, or am I just not ‘leet enough, and am missing “the point”?