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Dramatic Pause —

I met Jason at a top floor of the Caesar’s Palace shopping center in Las Vegas. We’d hung out the rest of the weekend in Vegas, but we snuck in another nice meal at a restaurant he thought was great. It was great. We chatted and had some really great food and even some great dessert. Vegas is when we tend to see each other (different coasts) and we took this time out to spend more time before heading back to our coastal lives.

Rob was in town for a week and the last day of his visit (for work), I drove him a couple miles north to the Funspot, the largest classic arcade in the world (depending on how you measure such a thing). We walked around, took some photos, played some classics, and I even got him back to Boston to catch his flight home in time.

Driving west from Indianapolis with Jim, we stopped off at a restaurant that served some of the craziest meat dishes. We had rented a convertible and drove at relatively unhealthy speeds but discussed many awesome things. I don’t get much time with Jim, so we made the most of it.

I mention all this because there was no drama, no problems, no issues. The plans were made, they were executed, and a great time was had.

These weblogs, these things we write into, be they livejournals or facebooks or myspaces or whatever, tend to filter for bad, for drama. Why write about the normal, good days. When something irks you, you want to get THAT down, take the time to make an entry because otherwise, who would read it.

Tonight I am healing. Tomorrow I go to the CPAP place (just a few blocks from my day job!) and get my new machine. My Wii Fit arrives in the mail. And I will have made even more progress editing my film. I was asked to shoot a music video and we’re working out those details. And I got my e-mail inbox down to a mere 14 letters. No drama, no sadness, no bitter shouts into the night. I am happy.

Hey, wake up.

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  1. Fred Smith says:


    I just ran across your site. I’d not visited textfiles in ages. Good to see it going so well. Listen, as for CPAP: it so rocks!

    I use the nose pillow mask myself and have done great on it for over a year. It has led to both blood pressure and ADHD med dosage drops. Heck, I’m beginning to wonder if I have ADHD!

    Anyway, if you have trouble with it, hang in there. It is well worth the effort. And, as someone alluded to earlier, if you don’t, the insurance companies will know because the machine monitors your sleep; when you go in for your check ups, they grab the data from them. It can tell whether you’re really using it or not. Now, I’m not sure, but I suspect they take this into account when premium time comes up. As my agent told me recently when I was looking to lower my premiums “insurance companies avoid apnea sufferers like the plague.” However, apnea sufferers undergoing regular treatment are not such a risk, I suspect.

    Hmmm… long run-on paragraph. Yep, I still have ADHD!

    Good luck, man!


  2. Jason Scott says:

    Insurance is not an issue for me, but I appreciate the heads up on a tattletale CPAP. I have great hope for this little sucker and I assure you I will use it properly and hang in there.

  3. Jim Leonard says:

    Serene moments mean just as much as dense ones.

    Melissa cleaned up the basement as a surprise tonight; I sat on my couch for nearly 15 minutes just taking in the amount of space I now had. It’s like the room expanded by 50%. I may not remember those 15 minutes two decades from now, but I will still be better for taking them.

  4. Flack says:

    For a minute I didn’t realize those were three separate blog entries concatenated and I was thinking … Jesus, did I meet Jim and forget it?