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The Penalty Box —

I’ve been sick on and off for about a week.

I don’t get sick often but when I do I take forever to get well again. It is never enjoyable to get sick, of course, but I have this additional feeling of missing out. Missing out from projects to work on, missing out on events happening, and generally not being there for people who I want to see. In other words, a complete angst-ridden convalescence.

The downside to being a productive person is that leisure or forced inaction is rattling, like being bound or imprisoned. I’ve spent hours sweating it out in bed, knowing I can’t be doing too much or it’ll just lead to a backslide. I’m way too good at backsliding.

I did get some stuff done here and there; for example PHRACK Issue #65 was apparently released this past April and someone was kind enough to stop by to let me know, so that’s up now. I purchased and had shipped the next machine that will house I went to my cousin’s graduation (he now has a master’s in library sciences with a specific in digital archiving – warms my heart). But usually it was a case of face down into a pillow.

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