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With editing GET LAMP something like 4-5 hours a day, every day, my time for updating this weblog is getting scant, and random. I might add a helpful and thoughtful entry every day, and then nothing, nada for a while. I suggest you utilize the RSS feed if you aren’t already.

I have no real complaints about this task, but it is time-consuming. Last time it took 8 solid months for BBS, but this one is half the hours, so hopefully it’ll be notably quicker than that. Watching an interview about some new video game bingblah, the interviewee quoted Shigeru Miyamoto and said that nobody remembers how late something was before it is finally finished, but everyone remembers a horrible work. So I’ll go with that approach.

I also did a calculation and I believe my weblog now has more writing by me than anything cohesive (non e-mail), elsewhere, combined. That’s a lot of writing. I suggest checking up some of the classics.

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