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The Fun Drive? Oh, Wait —

I’ve been debating whether to celebrate 10 years of by having a fund drive.

I figure I’d change the opening page (which would only show up on the main site, not the mirrors), with a quick “hey, throw me some bucks if you’ve had a good time” message, and have my paypal there (and maybe an address to send cash). I go back and forth on this, but it might be helpful. I just spent $600 to upgrade the machine runs on and of course the bills are notable (but not crushingly so).

My prediction is this would yield me seventy-nine dollars.

I figure I’d run it for the month of June, then focus on the more positive festivities for October.

Hard to say, really. It’s one of those ideas you have to really sit around and mull, considering the positive and negative aspects. When my local public radio station goes all street-corner whore on me, it always feels icky, like one of your teachers is asking for a fiver at the end of class.

I’d be all up for interviews and discussions with people about the site and what it means, although I’ll bet a half-awake person browsing this weblog would have learned it all already. But who knows, it might be fun.

This is one of those embryonic ideas I’m not sure what to do about. We’ll see.

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  1. Shell says:

    For the sheer joy of being able to read about what’s going through that massive cranium of yours, I’d be willing to help bear the financial burden you’ve been carrying. Besides, what else am I going to do with all of my glorious riches? Feed the baby?

  2. SardonicDouche says:

    You’re still doing it. This went up mid-week on the week of May 11, but it’s still dated “May 7.”