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Blockparty: The Competitions and Awards —

Because he is incredible, and he truly IS incredible, Jim Leonard has taken the hours of raw footage of the competitions and awards of Blockparty and rendered them out into a coherent collection of events and browse-worthy movies.

Here’s the central page for all of this. You can even watch songs being played, while the ambient sound of the audience reactions wash over them. The main point of watching the demo and music movies is audience reaction, after all, and you can hear the oos and ahs and the fun as people make up soundtracks, shout out, or otherwise make their opinions known, right now, at the screen.

I suggest seeing the “wild” competitions, lots of fun in their own right, with the audience particularly reacting the one often one-off performances of technology and skill.

What an awesome show that was!

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  1. Almost as good as being there! Sadly, almost doesn’t count, even if you’re watching a youtube video of someone playing with horseshoes or hand grenades. JOIN THE PARTY!