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That Endless Knocking —

At some point last year or so, I discovered my box was sending out spam. Lots of spam. Thousands of pieces. I felt very bad. It took me a while to figure out where and how. Basically, I had a somewhat old methodology for allowing people to submit to the BBS List and so you could jam in any old MAILTO variable and your body data and start pinging other people with it. And a few organizations were doing this. And by organizations, of course, I mean rat fuckers.

So I fixed the thing, but kept it sending me copies of attempts. Somehow, I got a kick out of watching a script try and force this now-repaired web page to send out spam. I got to see what was big in the spam world at that point, and what kind of targets were being attacked, and so on.

It got old. It still works, but I kind of ignore them.

Similarly, some set of people like to post spam comments on this weblog. To do this, they have to type in a password. They appear to target a couple entries that must have the most link-backs or something, because it’s only those two that get the love. The others get by just fine without this personalized (a person is doing it) spamming. Again, I must make clear: rat fuckers.

There’s no solution. There’s just none at all. I think this will be like this forever, generation after generation of rat fucker trying to use weblogs as spam. Twitter as spam. And they all think they’re doing something good and they’re all perfectly above board and in fact they’re rat fuckers.

I’ve encountered, through third parties, the kinds of justifications that try to say that what they do isn’t THAT bad. You are shocked, I bet! People think that unsolicited advertising blasted at maximum radius is somehow a kind or humanitarian effort. I’ve also met people who think smoking is good for you. I meet a lot of people.

But until this type of person is wiped off the face of the earth, and I don’t believe they ever will be, I get to watch it day after day. Knock knock knock.

It gets very, very old.

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  1. LateBlt says:

    While I agree with your assessment of the people using your site for spam in this way, I just wanted to drop a quick reminder that for every person like you who’s constantly inundated with requests for attention, there are probably several other people in the world who wish someone would pay them a little more attention and not ignore them so much. You’re tired of the endless knocking on the door, and I empathize, but keep in mind that there are other folks who haven’t heard any knocking in years and are pining for it. It’s sort of like there’s no middle ground in this world, eh?

  2. V says:

    One night I accidentally posted my name, capital V, as a control+v, and the name shown was a website link about how replace burned carpet areas. Not spam; I really do think NIN sucks.