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Before the LOL: Rocketboom Mix —

The talk I gave at ROFLcon, “Before the LOL”, was captured by several entities. There were some internal videographers streaming me to the net at large via the Ustream service, and there was also Rocketboom, a weekday video weblog that puts up little hacked up films about people, places, things.

Here is the remix of my talk on Rocketboom.

Bear in mind you’re seeing probably two to three minutes of a 50 minute presentation. For some, this may be all of me you want to take, so it’ll work out just fine. Others might enjoy the talk more seeing the full version that I’ve been told is coming out later. I intentionally set up the speech to not need fixing up, so hopefully it’ll look and sound good. WARNING: Amish Hat.

As a nice bonus, you see me kiss Steve Garfield on the forehead, and call him the Gift of Boston. I interviewed Steve six years ago for the BBS Documentary, and since then he’s gone on to become one of the bigger “Video Bloggers”. He never tires, never gives up making his funny and smart content, and so I was really happy to see him there.

I’ll post a more elaborate overview of my talk when it’s downloadable. Needless to say, I go in some crazy directions in that speech, which people liked. Unfortunately, I was scheduled up against a “LOLcats” panel, in which some of the biggest stars of the event were assembled to give their thoughts. People chose one panel or another to attend, and a lot of people who wanted to see me ended up going to the other one. So soon everyone will enjoy it.

By the way, the photo of me above came from Scott Beale of LaughingSquid, who I met at ROFLcon for the first time and is this really amazing photographer on top of everything else. You browse his photos of me and I actually look pretty damned human! Considering the lighting condition, the angles and final appearance of my presentation looks incredible. You could do worse for an afternoon than browsing his photos of the event.

This is only the second time I ever had something like presentation software showing images during my presentations. The first time was at Google, and I figured it’d be worth it. This time was because I walked the stage and thought this massive screen was too beautiful to resist. I was right. I’ll probably stick with my non-software-aided presentations generally in the future. I consider it the equivalent of a tie: gotta have one for certain situations but it’s more comfortable not to.

Here’s hoping the full video arrives soon.

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