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Flickr-y Flood —

As promised, I dumped a bunch of stuff on Flickr.

And by bunch of stuff, I mean a lot of stuff. Something like 1,200 photos so far, with another thousand likely to make it on there. Like I mentioned previously, I think this is way too much for anyone to get much out of it without a tour guide, but I figured you might like to know.

This page of collections is probably where most people would want to start. A lot of this is elsewhere but the Flickr interface is faster and easier for a lot of things, so you might discover stuff you didn’t check out before.

It’s pretty easy to dump stuff in; not so easy to arrange and tag things so they have all the old information. As time presents itself, I’ll tinker. Until then, enjoy the cascade.

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  1. Christina says:

    Scanned Computer History? *Drool*

    Thank you!