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Silly Jim Leonard —

Oh, Trixter, you silly person.

You work yourself up into such sadness while life has handed you nothing but jewels and treasure.

You state dreams and projects you feel could not be finished, to feel like your life is going to be a series of incomplete projects choking your days and filling them with regrets. Ha, I say. Ha! As if to butter the corncob of despair with a melted yellow layer of irony, you point to accomplishments of my own as examples of being left behind, missing opportunities, being incomplete.

You probably never intended to name your two sons after the greatest comic book characters in history, but you expectedly did it, and that’s awesome in itself. In fact, it’s a sign. You never intend to do the greatest things ever, but you end up doing them anyway.

I had this mulled idea of doing a documentary on BBSes, this concept that was like many I would probably have fiddled with and then forgotten forever, but then I heard about this little project you were involved in, and I was inspired by anything to absolute do it. And I knew I was doomed to try to pull off a DVD by myself. I knew I needed a guide, a mentor, a tour mensch to make sure I did everything right and not just passably. And who did I turn to?

Here we are, intertwined in destiny, two young kids who both attended the North American International Demoparty in 1996, and we didn’t even meet; we lived different and separate lives and yet we each traveled many miles to be in that specific place to be a part of the proceedings. That says something, yes it does.

You list off your projects like they’re insurmountable mountains. Tell me how you found yourself in Utah winning a competition handily with your 8088 in tow. Tell me how you found yourself in two runs of Blockparty grabbing prizes left and right and meeting heroes. Now ask yourself, who inspired me to want to make Blockparty come together in the first place!

Haven’t you realized yet how much I love you and will help you see things through?

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  1. Jim Leonard says:

    Well, that pretty much takes the cake. And my sorrow along with it!

    I’m going to make this post my homepage for the next few months.

  2. Flack says:

    The similarity I noticed between both Trixter’s and Jason’s recent woes is that they both stem from internal pressures. It is amazing to me that either of you could possibly feel like a failure or that you haven’t delivered when, let’s face it, each of you have produced and delivered projects larger and more successful than lots and lots of other people. Who, when looking for information a game, hasn’t searched MobyGames? Who, when curious about BBS information, hasn’t run across

    The failures that you guys may feel, while certainly real, are also self-imposed. You guys are the ones out there doing stuff, making the web something useful, informative and entertaining. I don’t know anyone interested in old BBS culture, retro computers, or videogames that doesn’t look up to one or both of you.

    The next time either of you are feeling bad about the things you haven’t accomplished, sit back for a minute and go over some of the things you HAVE done. I think you’ll find the list refreshing, inspirational, and longer than you suspect.

    Now cheer up and get back to work.

  3. Chuckles says:

    “As if to butter the corncob of despair with a melted yellow layer of irony”

    My God I wish I’d written that.