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I forgot how the whole thing got started (I think it was a conversation, or maybe an e-mail) but I started helping some students at WPI (a nearby college) with interviews of historical video game and gaming figures. What this consisted of was having a few students over, talking about editing, showing how I think about it, and answering some questions. In both cases this has happened, I also sat a student down and interviewed him blind, that is, not knowing a single thing about him before the interview started. Later I edited something together and sent it along, just to show some of my techniques.

Last year, these students ultimately interviewed Ralph Baer, he of videogame legend. This year, they interviewed Brian Moriarty, he of Infocom, LucasArts, and general amazing guy, one of my favorites.

I found out that their paper summarizing the process and a bunch of footage of Brian Moriarty is now up at this page. It’s all there, even the PDF of the paper for easy download and viewing. I see the students have taken my position on King of Kong. I don’t remember being in that mode when I saw them, but maybe they’re just reading my weblog.

If you’re waiting for my film to come out, you can’t do much better than to spend some time listening to the Professor as he talks about the industry and Infocom and where he thinks everything is going. They took my editing suggestions to heart (I’m impressed especially with a segment where Moriarty shows the craftmanship of an Infocom Feelie) and they’re a delight to sit through.

Enjoy the show.

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  1. Awesome stuff, anything which involves more oral histories is a great thing! (definitely so important that everyone possible should be interviewed tomorrow if we could 🙂 ). Hopefully more projects will pop up over time, I should get onto documenting and referencing them at least for the IGDA at some point ( ) even if the SIG doesn’t get any done itself 🙂 things like this otherwise fall off the map, which is a shame if this was lost to the ether. (Time to email them to see if the IA can’t host a copy, muahahah!)