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A Demo Event of Serious Consequence —

Blockparty 2008 went so well, I’m going to spend an awful lot of time talking about it. I thought we couldn’t easily top last year on so many fronts and yet we did. There is a lot of media out there and more coming, so let me quickly dump some links on you to get an idea of what we’re talking about, and I will then go into some detail of aspects of this wild success over the next few entries.

Here’s an album of photos I took of Notacon and Blockparty. It goes from just before the Friday events through to the last bit of awards show on Sunday. Many were taken by me and some by RaD Man.

I knew Trixter would deliver an amazing talk about preserving old demos. His presentation, “Self-Preservation Mode”, is available on Well worth the watch.

Trixter’s project I’ve been raving about for months, MONOTONE, had a wonderful debut for the audience. Be sure to check out the second song!

The Fat Man’s full talk will be out there soon, but until then we have the introduction from his talk out there.

My talk on the art and theory of editing in life and in media, Now and Then, Here and There, is also uploaded to I expect most of the Blockparty talks will get this treatment.

A demoparty’s about the releases, of course, so the results list will be of interest to many, although I still have to build in the links to the results subdirectory. Feel free to root around, of course.

The demos are now part of the Pouet site, which means it’s now subjected to the same knockaround and playful criticism anything else gets on there. It’s been fun to watch the reactions.

We recorded hours of footage, so there’s lots of media to get out there. In the meantime, I was impressed with this montage put together by an attendee.

I was blown away by this event. Look forward to more verbiage than you would ever want.

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  1. tyger says:

    It was definitely of serious consequence. Now why, pray-tell does this entry have the Notacon *4* ad on it? 😛

  2. Shell says:

    Hey there handsome man. Just spent the afternoon listening to your speech. Well done! I’m just sorry I missed it in person!