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Blockparty Preparations —

One of my speakers (which I will not name), essentially agreed to Blockparty but didn’t, you know, totally go crazy studying what the heck it is. I was offering a flight and hotel and a chance to visit some old friends in the area, so they were all for coming. But after browsing the schedule and events at this combined conference/demoparty, this week I got what was essentially a “Hell yeah, this thing is gonna be good.”

There’s no easy way to solve this problem; a lot of people who would really enjoy this event I’m helping to put on will never hear of it. A demoparty is one of those things which a person doesn’t just sit down one day and look for, i.e. “I wonder if there’s any demo parties in the area” or “Hmm, I have this demo sitting around and nowhere to submit it; I’ll check the usual places.”. Some folks don’t even know what this event is at all and would have to be severely assaulted to get them to look at all the great things happening with it. This is how the world works, and there’s little to do about it without becoming a loud-mouthed, inappropriately-shouting-things advertising dumbass. So nope, the tragedy will continue.

I leave for Cleveland tomorrow (April 2nd) and between now and then there’s a lot of gathering, collecting, planning and last-minute calls to be made. It’s going to be quite the event and I’ll be spending a lot of time and money between now and then on it. It’ll all be worth it, too.

To the people who, in late April or May, will hear this went on… sorry, man. Maybe next year.

To the people who just heard of it before it happened… drop everything. You have new plans.

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