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Yes, it’s real.

Hi Jason,
This looks well shot and edited.  I can tell you really care for the
people and their stories; it comes through in the way they address the
My only suggestion is that you might want to ease up on the dramatic
piano and slow-motion.  The tone you seem to be cultivating is pretty
similar to "King of Kong"--which is great; that was one of my favorite
films from last year.  But the thing about "King of Kong" is that the
director just let the people tell their own stories, and never tried
to wring any emotion out of their expressions or words that wasn't
truly there in that moment.  In my opinion, that's the role of a
documentarian: to make the feelings of the subjects in each moment as
clear as possible--nothing more, nothing less.  Keep the genuine
interaction (and add music where it's appropriate, of course), but
ditch the theatrics; that's my two cents.
I do understand, however, that this was a trailer, not the finished
film, and my overall impression is immensely positive.  I can't wait
to see the final cut.  I've been interested in this project since I
first read of it, and it's a thrill to finally see it coming together.

Keep them coming!

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  1. Andy Baio says:

    Hilarious. Someone who doesn’t read your blog, apparently.

  2. Will Schenk says:

    Truly fantastic.

  3. Chris Barts says:

    Another unexplained killing today as an arcade game-style joystick was found plunged deep into the heart of a geek in the west Rochester area. Clues are slim at the moment, but the most obvious pattern is that all of the victims owned a copy of King of Kong and had viewed Jason Scott’s GET LAMP trailer within the past 72 hours. This is one sick SOB. Back to you, Bob.

    Sick SOB indeed, slutmuffin. In related news, are documentaries rotting you from the inside-out? Michael Moore and François Truffaut mudwrestle with each other and the facts after this.

  4. Shii says:

    While King of Kong may be fabricated, another documentary that uses the same style to stunning effect is Jesus Camp. It is a lot of fun to watch documentaries in that style and make up your own mind. It is left to the director, though, to make sure the editing is truly impartial.