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Health and Exercise Update —

About a year ago, I told you I was starting a new exercise regimen. And that I did! Man did I work out.

Here we are a year later, and I didn’t go to the gym, mostly, for the last 3 months.

So, am I slacker? Well, no. My gout and kidney stones increased to the point that walking became difficult. Very difficult. I missed quite a few productive days to it. And if you can’t walk, you can’t work out very easily.

I now have an appointment with a sleep lab (to see if I’m sleeping properly), an allergist (to see if my environment is trying to kill me more than usual) and I’m on a new regimen of pills.

As soon as I’m better generally, I will be back at the gym regularly, and hopefully looking better. If you see any photos of me from Shmoocon, it looks like I had a backslide with Kirstie Alley over the winter; not the case. I’m just sick.

And knowing you’re sick and being willing to treat it appears to one the major hurdles to overcome.

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  1. Chris Orcutt says:

    Quit yer whinin’, kid–walking is overrated. What you need is some good quality medicinal marijuana. My wife’s uncle is a licensed grower in California, by the way. Now, when you get to the clinic, ask for some Alaskan Thunderfuck. I knew my way around this stuff back in the day, and at the time it was the best. It’ll cure what ails ‘ya.