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Shmoocon Success —

Another great shmoocon. Attendance was highest ever, the location within the hotel had been recently built, and the competency and brilliance shine all throughout the event. It skews professional, but I can live with that for the great times and opportunities it gives.

I took almost no photos this time around, sadly; I just didn’t focus on that. I suspect there will be plenty of photo albums to browse shortly, if not already. You really have a choice of being an attendee or photographer when you whip out the camera, and I chose attendee.

I reconnected with a bunch of people; I’ve given up being able to guess what people thought of me. Hero? Chatterbox? Freakjob? Leech? I’m sure everyone’s got some good opinion. The hak5 crew was especially forgiving of my endless monologues stepping into their area; for my own part I was impressed with how they’ve put together a show and crew. I was on a crazy live streamed thing they did on Friday night, and I have no idea how that went.

My talk went well. I didn’t have a single note written down; I knew the big challenge would be to fit it all into an hour presentation, not having to arrange the meager contents to fill the slot. I covered caving, the movies I make, the culture I spent some time with, and some of the footage I shot. Responses have been positive; I don’t know if we actually get the Talk Review scores they had people fill out.

All in all, a great time. I expect by next year my health will be back to where it’ll be 72 solid hours of Shmoo. I can only hope.

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  1. Laura says:

    The area might have been new and fancy, but it stunk. The paint fumes in the registration booth gave me a headache Friday.

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Chris Orcutt says:

    Jay, the best part of that clip was the music. That’s some sweet smooth jazz piano.

  3. RaD Man says:

    When I see Jason in that video, I think of Jack Tripper from Three’s Company.