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The Power of Reddit —

Someone on the site Reddit linked to a story where someone threatened a site legally for removing an image that he was hotlinking. Someone quickly wrote “THAT’s not hotlinking, THIS is hotlinking” and linked to the entry about hotlinking I wrote in the first days of 2007. Someone else was taken enough by this to then make this weblog entry a story of its own on Reddit, and suddenly it shot up the charts. Again.

I’ve been through many Slashdottings, Diggs, and BoingBoings, and I don’t recall this level of pain before. To wit:

That’s a T-1 line maxing out. Serving a blog entry. All day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

In all, 35,000 people have visited me today. A few were around to get my opinion on videogame documentaries, but others have apparently learned for the first time my little tale of an unforgettable anus seared into the minds of hundreds of thousands.

I think the goatse story is timeless, so I don’t really go “dude, that’s so old” if people link to it. I write a lot of the entries to be unrelated to the moment, and apparently this one has the qualities people look for. That is, a butt.

Anyway, excuse me… I’m going to go throw an icepack on the machine.

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  1. Jason Scott says:


    I don’t know if you really know somebody for 15 years if you 1. Never meet them in person, or send them e-mail, 2. Haven’t interacted with them since 1994, but whatever works.

    That awesome story of the time I got a really good deal on a server and it turned out to go the way of all really good deals is an excellent one for around a table with a nice drink (soda for me). Catch up with me at a con sometime.

  2. Flack says:

    After having visited Casa de Jason, I can literally visualize those hard drives down in the basement smoking as data is being served …

  3. Chris H. says:

    I bet some of that traffic came from, but I’ve lost bets before, so no worries.

    Shii: Yeah, you can just imagine Thomas Alva Edison, Phil Katz and the referred reddit user handjobbing each other in high heavens; – no reason to think that this kind of behaviour is [new] news, and it’s not exactly an expensive weapon-calibre to reload, either. – (Welcome to the all-mighty internets, my good man..)

  4. Jim Leonard says:

    While I’m happy for your success, maxing out a T1 line is trivial (it’s a T1 line). I can max out your T1 line just by myself, for example, and all I’ve got is a cable modem.

  5. Will Schenk says:

    The goatse story is a good one, so I can see how that would make the rounds a bit more.

    I originally subscribed to this blog because of the BBS documentary, which I thought was pretty awesome because it was a world that I knew about that no one else I knew about was into. I was that kid, basically 2-3 years younger than everyone else. Anyway, so reading the blog has its ups and down moments. There are times when its filler, or times when the thoughts are compressed into a surprising number of words. It’s a blog though, which is pretty much the point of them.

    But there are a few that really make it worth while. The latest KoW post anyway made me realize some of the directorial choices and thought processes behind the BBS doc that I hadn’t ever thought of before. I am certainly glad that I read that, because it makes me not only like when I already liked more, but a better understanding. This paragraph is from the from virtues-outweighing-the-annoyances department.

    What would be great would be if you could fix the feed so that us google reader subscribers get proper formatting instead of one massive colosseum of text.

  6. Jason Scott says:

    Google Reader subscribers are seeing the site just fine as long as they’re subscribing to

    On another note, Andy Baio pointed out that in fact the original image was true, not false as reported here. The article has been changed to reflect that.

  7. Coal says:

    And people wonder why I commute to the office instead of working on the T1 at home.

  8. Will Schenk says:

    Oh yeah, much better. I was subscribed to the RDF one. Yay for atom!