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The comments on my weblog entry yesterday got a little involved there, but rising out of it were the efforts of one zota, who is concerned I may have swallowed some facts presented with the same dollop of fudging and self-interest that I contend the filmmakers utilize. If you check the entry again and read through, the granularity gets tighter as we go on through the day.

Like zota, I have a dedication to knowing the story. I will therefore say that I will investigate further, and stand on what I find and correct what is either wrong or mis-stated. I say this clearly: I stand behind what I wrote, but I will gladly clarify whichever parts need clarifying. I see phone calls in my future.

It’s about getting stuff right, stuff that only a very tiny percentage will care about; if you browse through the comments to my posting, you can see plenty of folks for whom the accuracy and truth are irrelevant to their relationship with a documentary. These are not people with whom I share such an outlook. It is the point of view and concern of zota’s that I find brotherhood. I will do the brotherhood proud, I promise.

Meanwhile, Billy Mitchell has come forward with a number of interviews to various venues, beginning to tell his side of the story, his opinion of facts. Others have too. I will not say “the truth lies somewhere between” because I hate that phrase. I contend betrayal and unethical editing has occurred. I still believe that. More as I have time.

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  1. zota says:

    Thank you, Jason.

    [secret handshake]

  2. Robb Sherwin says:

    There is lots of info out there (and corralling it without using Walter Day as a source is a time-consuming thing) but here is Billy Mitchell’s interview with the Onion AV Club, which looks like it just went up: