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Peter Hirschberg’s Triumphant Dream —

Some time ago, I wrote an entry about a guy named Peter Hirschberg. (This was back in February.) At the time, he had this incredible home arcade, called “Luna City”, which was in his basement. What struck me was the attention to detail; everything from a change machine to the wooden railing along the back was the kind of touches that only a really dedicated nostalgia miner would possibly recall. The entry I wrote had some pictures and I challenged you to think these were in a home.

Around the time of my weblog entry, Peter was taking it all up a notch, beginning work on Luna City Arcade 2.0. This time, he was going whole hog and building an additional wing to his home to house his machines. To do this, he kept a weblog on the building process, with all the issues with permits and layouts up to this past week when he began moving his arcade machines in.

He’s basically done, although of course there’s a lot that needs to be added in terms of decoration. If nothing else will convince you to go ahead and read through his weblog from start to finish, check out these photos.

The saga of Luna City 2.0 starts with this weblog entry and continues for an entire year. And like I said, it’s well worth the trip through all those entries. He’s clear and straightforward and illustrates often. And it has a very happy ending.

Peter and I have kicked around some ideas related to my Arcade Documentary, and I suspect that when the final documentary comes out, Luna City will make a sizable appearance. But either way that that goes, this is one inspiring place. Check it out.

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  1. Flack says:

    Seeing Peter’s arcade makes me insanely jealous — not of the games as much as the money, and more so, the time involved. My oldest kid is six-years-old now and I still haven’t reclaimed a tenth of the free time I used to have before he came along. I’m own 20 cabinets now and I’m completely overwhelmed at the amount of work and time each one requires. I guess when I look at the photos of Peter’s room not only do I see an awesome home arcade, but I also see the hours and hours of work that went into collecting, restoring, and maintaining those games. When you hear the phrase “labor of love,” it applies directly to this hobby — with equal parts love and labor.

  2. Chris says:

    This is what Heaven must look like…

  3. RaD Man says:

    how much is the admission?