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Giving you the finger, Healed —

Everyone who wrote to me when I announced my finger nearly being severed will be happy to know that the finger has 100% healed and you couldn’t tell in a million years that the finger ever got stuck in a fan. The nail’s entirely back and the whole thing has grown back like nothing ever happened. Score one for luck.

Actually score a billion for luck, because I’ve had more ludicrous close shaves, more cases of waking up driving, more cases of stepping away from a thing that’s then imploded or gone killdozer than I really deserve, statistically. I acknowledge this and let you know that if I end up perishing in some absolutely ludicrous fashion, it will merely be the one fatal false step in what was a towering pile of non-fatal false steps. The house wins, but I broke even most of the time.

This isn’t some suicide note or anything, just mentioning my appreciation of my good luck. It’s good to be aware that you don’t necessarily “deserve” a break, especially when it comes at the end of spectacularly risky behavior.

And I can vouch that I am much slower and methodical about the process of loading USB drives into a cabinet with a fan in it.

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  1. Jim Leonard says:

    Waking up driving?!?

  2. Jason Scott says:

    Quite a memorable experience. I’ve done it a half-dozen times.

  3. Indeed it is. I actually woke up driving at least twice during my drive to Notacon 3 last year. Luckily, me and my fantastic hair made it there in one piece.