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FiOS was installed into my home today.

This augments my T-1 line, which is where a lot of my other servers not handled by outside hosting goes. When you go to, or this weblog, you’re yanking from the T-1. FiOS will up my current download speed from 1.5Mbps to 20Mbps, and upload speed from 1.5Mbps to 5Mps.

I am not 100% fantastically happy to be utilizing Verizon’s service, but they’re the dominant monopoly and I went for the one year signup. If they blow, they go. And believe me I’ll know.

I see gabillions of “I got FiOS Installed” weblog postings out there, including this excellent one from Dan Bricklin, so I won’t fill your screen or time with yet another one, even if I thought I could make it “funny”. My installer is on the ball, friendly, young and knows his crap. Hooray for that; it harkens me back to the early days of my phone life and meeting the Bell engineers who were on top of stuff.

So, if you find anything slow this evening, blame me as I begin downloading the Internet.

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  1. Matt Wilson says:

    Congrats Jason! Let the downloading begin!

  2. Flack O'Hara says:

    Take a break from downloading and get back to blogging! 🙂

  3. Hey Jason,
    congrats .. and a question… How Much? ($)


  4. Damn… FiOS by Verizon is not available in my area…I am stuck with cable: 8 MB down and lousy 768 KB upload. DSL is also not better.

  5. Jason Scott says:

    I paid nothing for installation and pay $50/month, but that’s because they’re all in promotion and acquiring marketing share. And yes, you either have feast or famine with this; your central office has to be available for this, AND, as a bonus, Verizon has to have authorization to provide cable TV to their customers.

  6. I am obviously not only living in a natural desert, but also in a broadband desert.. I have famine as you put it. Cable range from 4.0 to 16.0 Mbps download speed (maximum upload speed from 384Kbps to 768Kbps respectively). DSL Downstream Speed: Up to 6.0 Mbps and Upstream Speed: Up to 768 Kbps. I have both. The upload speed sucks the most I uploaded the 10 ISOs of the DefCon 15 synchronized DVD-Roms to Usenet. It took me a week 7-10 hours per ISO. 🙁 You know that I am extremely jelleous at you right now, don’t you?