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Love in the Time of Two Terabytes —

I purchased two terabytes of disk space yesterday, as one might buy a loaf of bread or a magazine off a rack. For roughly $500, I had two boxes, each containing a disk drive with 1 terabyte of raw space. This translated to roughly 960 gigabytes of disk space when I formatted them into my system.

They function as a mirror, synchronized two times a day, allowing me the freedom of committing an action on one and not having it on the other, such as whole-scale deletion or misdirection of files. So these two terabytes function as a much more robust single terabyte.

This new partition, mountable via Samba to m video editing and web browsing machines, holds static items. These are the things I download or acquire, the stock in trade of data for a lot of my disk usage outside of the editing. I see something, I grab it. I desire many of some thing, I torrent it. A foolish rube puts something for download of questionable wisdom but great popularity, and I archive a copy, marking its context and storing it away for a rainy day that may never come. Surprisingly enough, that day sometimes does.

Much of what I collect is the digitization of others’ works, works that took months or years to create. Weeks to scan and digitize. Minutes for me to download. Seconds for me to store.

This has yanked a lot of data from a lot of disparate locations I had, letting me team up collections of music, movies, websites and scans into one understandable and classifiable place. It’s a wonderful thing to have.

Within 20 hours, I had filled this new drive pair up to 70%. By late tonight it will likely be at 90%. And my online collections will be right there, waiting for me, when it amuses or excites me to see it.

It’s a wonderful time.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I archive a copy, marking its context and storing it away for a rainy day

    Not that you need more projects or diversions from projects, but if it should ever cross your mind to type out, I for one would love to read about the marking for context steps you use when storing/archiving various things/pages….

    The overarching hierarchy and classification of the disparate information on this new drive pair would be a tantalizingly interesting post.

  2. James says:

    I completely agree with Ryan.. I was about to post a comment asking for details on how you lay out your directory structure to organize all this data, but I see he beat me to it!

  3. Lee says:

    I’m going to have to third that. I’m currently archiving news stories for certain regions. I have my own structure based largely on location and then subject, but sometimes have problems when, for example, government and business overlap.