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The Eventual Big Day —

I’ve given some small amount of thought (really, quite small), to where GET LAMP will premiere. BBS Documentary was first shown in rough cut at the Vintage Computer Festival but I won’t have this thing in time for this year and next year will be too late. Right now, GET LAMP is 600 clips totaling roughly 5.5 hours, so it has some way to go to what would be called finished; right now, there are 30 seconds of edited footage. But it doesn’t hurt to speculate, does it?

Some suggestions were made that I do this at GDC (the game developers’ conference). But the fact of the matter is, GDC is basically about money and design, not history. The less history the better. I’d like the group who see a premiere to be a bunch of text adventure fans composing of some game designers, not the other way around.

The event would likely have a bunch of Infocom and text adventure people at it. It would be nice if it was somewhere big, since that way more people could enjoy it. It will probably be in Boston, I guess, because of so much text adventure stuff there, specifically Infocom but there’s a tradition in this location anyway.

Decisions, decisions.

Update: A friend of mine has stepped forward and proposed a Boston-area event with lots of support that will be quite exciting and interesting. I think that wins. Bear in mind, people suggesting other events, that I don’t mean I will be showing it once and then never mentioning it again; I will happily be promoting it and going to events to show it. I hope the whole world sees it! Well, OK, most of the world.

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  1. Ben Combee says:

    I’d love to see it show up at South by Southwest 2008 here in Austin. The conference has music, film, and web design tracks, and the geek docs “King of Kong” and “Helvetica” did really well here in March.

  2. Rick Almeida says:

    You know, premiering at SXSW would be awesome.

  3. You know, if it hit SXSW I would probably make the trip. If it debuts out in Boston I will probably just wait the two hours it takes to hit YouTube to watch it.

  4. Andrew says:

    Jason, any reason why you say “less history the better” for GDC? I know its primarily design, money, etc., I haven’t visited myself so would like to know 🙂 – I am sure there have been previously history exhibits and seminars.

    Good to know it’s going to premier somewhere good at least, I’ll be picking up the DVD I bet 🙂