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Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible —

Back in 2005, I gave a talk at DEFCON called “Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible (and why we have to do them anyway)”, which was about the documentary format, the lessons learned from the production of “BBS: The Documentary”.

  • This was held on Sunday, which is just about the worst time for my voice on a DEFCON weekend; you can hear how blown out my throat is, with a nice low growl the whole time.
  • Similarly, I seem to be rather messed up on some level, because I keep touching my hair (I give myself a cowlick at 03:10).
  • That said, I really do love the subject, and so it was an easy one to give.
  • Some of this subject matter overlaps with the “Edge of Forever” talk I gave at DEFCON this year, specifically a joke about Angelina Jolie’s boob in Hackers. I need a new jokewriter.

I was happy with the speech, ultimately. A good solid overview of documentaries and the issues involved.

Here’s the video.

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